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 Published on Oct 26, 2016
Hear the trials and tribulations of a Roman Catholic Priest in his struggle to truly know he was going to heaven when he died and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. This 13 year struggle of Richard to know God in a real biblical way crosses 2 oceans, 2 continents and even 2 hemispheres. Watch what powerful and wonderful things God did to save him from his sins and give him real peace and love instead of his own empty works.

This update includes the latest news of the miracles God has performed in his life since the last time he shared his testimony with us. It is a heartwarming and powerful account of what God can do for you if you will only listen to God. If you are seeking answers from God or seeking to know God and have the confidence that the moment you die you can be with Christ and not in some hell or punishment area, this is must see video for you. Let Richard share his story and the Words of God with you. From Lourdes to China, from the Vatican in Rome to Washington state, Richard's journey has been long but the gift is great.


 Published on Jul 27, 2015
As the history of the structure of the Catholic Church is alarming, an exposure of its system is essential. Richard Bennett of breaks down the latest move by Pope Francis and how it fits into the history of the Papal system. Biblical and historical analysis of the Papal system is required so that its influence can be prevented. This we have done this video. In dealing with Papal Rome, it is utterly important to remember that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Many Christian people, and indeed Evangelical churches, have been harmed because of their ignorance of the genius of Vatican procedures. This video in explaining the facts exposes these procedures. Please like, rate, and share this video with your fellow church members and your family and friends and subscribe. Thank you.
 Worse than Karl Marx - The Pope Francis’ 
Dogma on Economics


 Doctor Lucija Tomljenovic has a wonderful story of being born and raised in a Catholic family in Croatia. Her love for biology and science led her across many continents in a quest for truth in both Science and Religion. In this gripping tale you will discover how Lucija came to understand that she was Chosen by God to inherit eternal life. It was not by any merits of her own but truly by Grace alone through Faith alone and in Christ Alone.


 Published on May 19, 2016
Richard Bennett, ex-Catholic priest, of, exposes Pope Francis's meeting with the Lutherans on the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation.
Just as the primary response of the Roman Catholic Church to the Biblical faith of the Reformers was the Counter-Reformation through the Jesuits, now Pope Francis a Jesuit leads the Roman Church’s endeavors to overturn the Reformation. Thus it is of vital importance that we understand want is involved in these endeavors so as not only to impede them but to advance Reformation faith. It is also very important that you like and share this video with your church members, and of course your family and friends. Please, share on your social media and post this video on your websites all over the Internet. Thank you




republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By: Devvy Kidd
March 13, 2017
Things are moving in hyper speed since President Trump was inaugurated. The attacks on him, his family, his cabinet picks, what he's trying to accomplish for us - you name it - the shadow government has him in its cross hairs. The lying 'mainstream' media from print to cable have been exposed. The Democratic/Communist Party USA has been exposed as the party of racism and exploitation. They're all in a panic as are those who control them and Washington, DC. To confirm the shadow's government's intent, see Sean Hannity interview Monica Crowley a victim herself of the shadow government below. 

Tens of millions of we the people are fully aware America dodged the final nail in our coffin with the defeat of die-hard Marxist, Hildebeast Clinton. It wasn't just a blow to her Highness who firmly believed it was "her" time, it was a blow to the evil forces in this country working feverishly to destroy our sovereign nation and transition us into world government.
I firmly believe as probably millions of others do that without the Internet we would have been toast long ago.
The Internet is an amazing tool. It has some of the darkest places you can imagine that promote child pornography, snuff films and debauchery beyond most decent people's imagination.
It is a major revenue tool for retailers and service oriented businesses alike as well as helping people receive an education, fund-raising for worthy causes and so much more.
Have a question about cooking, gardening - you name it, the Internet is the place to go for a speedy answer.
It's also full of lies, distortion and propaganda in the realm of what's called politics whether it be in this country or countries around the globe. The amount of all three is dished out daily on thousands of web sites is enough to drown anyone. Web sites that print nothing but theories without a single fact to back them up seem to attract far too many people who quite frankly, don't do any research themselves.
While I've been in the trenches going on 27 years full time, it wasn't until July 1998 that I put up my own web site. Prior to that it was faxes, newsletters and very expensive long distance phone bills (long before unlimited calling by phone providers) trying to get the world out about things like stopping NAFTA, trying to explain the problem with the unconstitutional, privately owned "Federal" Reserve, fiat currency and more. And, yes, the push towards a 'one world order' even though people laughed in my face.
I've spent an enormous amount of time on the Internet doing research, verifying, reading and of course, writing this weekly column. As I wrote back in January, my experience tells me which web sites I can and cannot trust and which ones provide not just commentary but in-depth exposure of the sinister individuals behind the curtain. NWVs writers are very careful about which web sites we link to verify and back up what's in our columns.
NWVs is just about ready to launch it's new web site - something computer folks know about called 'content based'. You can see it here --- not all the links are working yet as there were more than 19,000 files to get transferred over. It should be finished sometime in early April. All of this has cost a lot of money and as I say so often, a web site like NWVs has to be treated as a business or it won't survive. In the competitive world of commentary/news web sites one must stay up with technology or sink. The only exception here is that Paul Walter and his lovely wife do not get paid a salary or any other compensation. Only outside computer expertise.
I KNOW the commentaries and columns on this web site have made a big difference over the years. I wrote my first column here in 2002 and have watched things grow exponentially since then. The quality of writers is superb and they all donate their precious time to bring you the best in research, keeping all of us updated on the avalanche of 'stuff' going on as well as Sunday's featured clergy. Can't be beat.
NWVs writers give up their precious time while working (lawyers, bakers, educators, clergy, business owners) to make a difference by writing columns for NWVs. I know you appreciate them.
 Yes, this is a request for donations. OUR beloved America, is at a very dangerous cross roads right now. The resistance by misguided Americans spoon-fed daily lies can only be countered by truth. By continuing to get facts out there instead of propaganda. By educating as many Americans as we can so that their blinders will be lifted.

President Trump is under siege. I mean can you imagine, even being the tough NY 'street fighter' he is what this has been like for him day after day? He is working to keep this republic sovereign while evil scum like George Sores and the GOP establishment as well as they Democratic/Communist Party USA are working to destroy us. Yes, I said the GOP establishment and I pointedly mean Rat Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and others with their forked tongues.
We can and must defeat them and they only way we can do that is through knowledge because knowledge is power. We won't get another chance at saving our country before it turns very ugly.
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Don't forget to join me on my radio show Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, 5:00 pm PST, 7:00 pm CST and 8:00 pm EST, to hear my guests, get up to date accurate information and call in with your thoughts and/or suggestions on the issues. And, every show for the next couple weeks for a lucky caller: A free signed copy of my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions. To listen, click here.
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republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
By Kelleigh Nelson

March 13, 2017
Obama and Hillary surrogates put forth a false narrative of Russian collusion, but had no evidence to support the allegation. It appears that on a second attempt, the Obama Administration got a FISA court order to monitor communications of the Trump campaign, treasure hunting for evidence to support the false narrative and apparently, there is none. Now a backfire has put the Obama gang and their media lapdogs on the defensive. —J.D. Pendry
Wouldn’t it be nice to see the lying Socialist-loving media actually on the defensive and in a meltdown? What’s funny is they’ve actually put a bit of truth out in the past, and now they’re having to eat their own words. The NYTs asked Sean Spicer if there was proof of Obama’s wiretapping, and Sean said, “No,” but the NYTs itself printed the story on January 19, 2017.
Hopefully, our new AG go full bore after the former administration and their alleged illegal wiretapping!
Attorney General Sessions has not recused himself from an investigation into the latest wiretapping allegation and that just thrills me. Trump has turned the tables on the left and their phony Russian election collusion stories.
The Gateway Pundit supplied an entire list of those the Obama administration had wiretapped. However, Obama is denying he ever spied on Trump or his administration. Yet, he has his handler, communist-bred Valerie Jarrett, in his rented townhouse, only blocks from the White House, to lead the charge to topple the peoples’ choice for President. Jarrett, from within the White House may have launched a Watergate style attack on Trump during the election, and is now continuing her attack.
Levin Calls for Congressional Investigation
Even former NeverTrumper and pro-Constitutional Convention talk show host, Mark Levin, has said, “The evidence is overwhelming. This is not about President Trump’s tweet, it is about the Obama administration’s spying. The question isn’t whether it spied, we know they went to the FISA court twice. The question is, who did they spy on, and the extent of the spying. That is, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, Trump surrogates, and the American people.”

Levin called Obama’s efforts, “police state” tactics, and suggested that Obama’s actions should be the target of a congressional investigation. He also stated that the theories about Russian interference in the presidential election were nothing more than conspiracy theories. Here’s the entire interview.
The Timeline
The first Obama FISA request came in June of 2016. In July, Trump made a joke about Hillary’s missing emails saying that maybe Russia can find them. This was the catalyst for the Socialist media to glom onto the fabrication that Russia hacked the election for Trump’s win.
In October, the Podesta emails kept flowing out from WikiLeaks, and new scandals were in the news daily. Of course, the Clinton campaign blamed Trump and the Russians, spewing the allegation that the Russians hacked the Democrat emails. The truth of the matter is Podesta’s emails were obtained because he fell for a phishing scam.
When Julian Assange was interviewed in London by Sean Hannity, he clearly stated that Russia was not responsible for the hacking of the DNC. He has no reason to lie. We have just seen that the CIA department has possession of Russia hacking malware that can be used to make it appear that Russia’s fingerprints were on the DNC hacks. The CIA was possibly the source of the “hacks” during the election cycle. They didn’t give information to WikiLeaks, because Assange said that the source came from within the DNC, but these hacks were essentially made for no reason other than to provide a cover story that Russian hacking helped Trump win the election.
In October, the second FISA request was made by Obama, focusing on a computer server in Trump Tower suspected of links to Russian banks. Again, no evidence whatsoever is found, but they continued their spying, ostensibly for national security reasons.
These are police state tactics where the standing administration is actually monitoring an opposing presidential campaign with surveillance by the federal government. There should be media outrage, but the media is part of the problem.
In January of 2017, John McCain got into the act and turned over to the FBI the phony Buzzfeed intel “dossier” compiled by a foreign spy. All of this was false, and nothing could be verified; the info had been floating around DC for months and ignored.
In early January, Obama decided to expand the NSA sharing and to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intel agencies before applying privacy protections. Totally unheard of and dangerous, these reduced protections made it easier for intel on private citizens to be leaked or circulated.
Even worse is the NYT’s report on the eve of Inauguration Day, that several agencies, FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Treasury Department are all monitoring several associates of the Trump campaign suspected of Russian ties. Yes, multi-agencies were working on this false story to destroy the peoples’ new president and his administration.
In February, the irreplaceable, NSA Chief, General Michael Flynn, fell prey to the lies of the FBI transcripts. Obama’s Sally Yates, acting AG, is fired for insubordination. The General, the finest appointee besides Sessions in Trump’s administration, ends up resigning over allegedly misleading VP Pence, most likely inadvertently, about the content of this normal conversation with the Russian Ambassador.
My own belief is that globalist VP Pence wanted to be rid of the General. While in Germany days after Flynn’s resignation, Pence mentioned needlessly that Flynn was gone because of a “lack of trust.” Spicer had uttered the same words. I believe Pence is the core of why the General, who was a loyalist from the beginning, is gone.

Jeff Kredo is reporting that, “The CIA and Departments of Justice and Treasury are being sued by Judicial Watch for their role in leaking highly classified material as part of an effort to undermine the credibility of former Trump administration NSA Chief Michael Flynn, according to a recent announcement.”
Back to the timeline…later in February, the NYTs cited four current and former American officials in the Trump campaign who had “repeated contacts with Russian intel officials. Of course, it’s been denied by the Trump administration, and then the NYTs admitted there was no evidence of any collusion between the campaign and the Russians. Finally, the administration is raising questions about illegal intel leaks.
In March, the Bezos owned Washington Post reported that AG Sessions had contact twice with the Russian ambassador during the campaign, once at the Heritage Foundation, and once at a meeting in Sessions’ Senate office.
My previous article exposed just how many times the top Democratic Socialists have also met with the Russian ambassador as well as President Putin.
The Back Story
NSA Admiral Mike Rogers visited Trump Tower just 10 days after the election, and right after another Mike Rogers – the former House intelligence Chairman who retired after lying about the Benghazi fiasco – was kicked off the Trump transition team on intelligence. No one could figure out why he was kicked out. However, if you’ve read the Benghazi Brief you know how damaged, corrupted and untrustworthy Chairman Mike Rogers was – and he previously sat on the oversight gang of eight.
It appears that NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers didn’t want to participate in the spying scheme (Clapper, Brennan, etc.), of President Obama’s post presidency efforts to undermine Donald Trump. It could be that NSA Rogers didn’t want to visit Trump Tower until Chairman Rogers was gone.
Andrew McCarthy Sums It Up
Former prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy summarized the story in William F. Buckley’s NeverTrump National Review.
McCarthy tells that Obama and his minions wanted criminal investigations of Trump’s top people, yet there was nothing criminal to find. Surprise, Surprise! So what they did next was convert the investigation into an intel probe under FISA (The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). Parts of this story have been confirmed by the BBC, NYTs, and the McClatchy papers.
Normally a FISA surveillance is allowed by the court whenever the feds ask to spy on certain people, but not this time. The court refused permission to spy on Trump’s people according to the BBC. McCarthy commented that this is notable because, “the FISA court is notoriously solicitous of government requests to conduct national security surveillance.”
Not liking the refusals, the Obama administration came back during the final weeks of the campaign with a third request that didn’t specifically mention Trump. Then the request was granted by the court, BUT…reports from the Guardian and BBC don’t mention tapping of phones.
Of course, there have been denials by the Obama administration, which McCarthy calls “disingenuous on several levels.” Others have characterized them as a "non-denial denial.”
The Deep-Police-State
Newt Gingrich made the observation, “To think this happened to be done by some bureaucrats with no supervision, when you know, for example, that Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, spent an hour in secret with Bill Clinton just before they dropped charges against his wife. I mean all of this stuff smells to high heaven despite the best efforts of the elite media to cover it up.” He said, “These Obama wiretaps of our President are very serious, and very dangerous to our liberties.”
The very first FISA request on Trump Tower came after Bill Clinton, and Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch, had their private meeting on the plane. [Link]

Gingrich made it clear that Schumer is trying to derail this presidency by keeping Obama appointees in power. Schumer knows that Jeff Sessions is a man of integrity and character above reproach, but he attacks the finest in Trump’s administration.
FBI Director Comey
According to the NYTs, “The FBI director reportedly made the verbal request, to the Justice Department to publicly reject President Trump’s assertion that Obama ordered the tapping of Trump’s phones, senior American officials said on Sunday. They said Mr. Comey argued that the highly-charged claim is false and must be corrected, but the department has not released any such statement.”
Director Comey allegedly said, and it’s only supported by anonymous sources, for the DOJ to refute the President’s allegations, because, “it falsely insinuates that the FBI broke the law.”
So, it’s okay with the FBI to falsely insinuate that the President broke the law, but nobody had better make that same claim about them. Fake news? Maybe. We’re still wondering why Comey was retained.
Obama’s Community Organizers
Donald Trump’s latest tweets sent arrows into the MSM and Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA).
Paul Sperry, writing for the New York Post, says OFA is an army of agitators 30,000 strong who will fight President Donald Trump at every turn of his presidency, and the ex-president "will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House." Sperry writes that the ex-president is setting up a shadow government to sabotage the incoming administration through a network of leftist nonprofits led by OFA, which is growing its war chest (currently more than $40 million) and has some 250 offices nationwide. OFA’s IRS filings, according to Sperry, indicate OFA has 32,525 volunteers nationwide. The ex-president and his wife will oversee the operation from their foundation office near the White House.
Obama has moved some of his top players into the OFA. He has even moved his co-president and handler, Valerie Jarrett, into his rented home.
Here’s the meat of this whole filthy deep-state spying sedition…the story is not the Trump campaign. The story is not the Russians hacked the election. The story is not the Trump campaign was working with the Russians. The story is the effort by Barack Hussein Obama — and the Democrat Party, and the New York Times, and Washington Post, and Politico — to sabotage and destroy the Trump presidency, and Monica Crowley knows this all too personally.
Crowley was set to be the senior director of communications at the National Security Council before a hit job by CNN destroyed her. She was recently interviewed by Sean Hannity (see the vidio below) and said the following:

Look, what happened to me was a despicable straight up political hit job. There is a very toxic and increasingly poisonous atmosphere of personal destruction in DC and the media. It’s always been there, but now it’s on a whole different level.
The attack on me was a test. What happened to me, what happened to General Flynn, what is happening to AG Sessions and others, is all of a piece. There is a very dangerous and very effective destabilization campaign under way against this President, his administration, and his agenda. What I hope the President and his senior aides understand is that these forces are not just looking to delegitimize him, they want to personally destroy him, destroy his presidency, and they would like to see the man in prison.
 They are out for blood, and the reason they must destroy him is because Donald Trump is an alien organism that has been injected into the body politic by the American people to reform it. He must not be allowed to succeed. They want him and his people rejected from the system, just like any alien organism. He must not be allowed to succeed, and I hope everyone around him understands that this is a war, and they will not end until they destroy the President of the United States. 

David Brock and other organizations have already raised tens of millions of dollars for an impeachment process. They want “jail to the chief.” We are so far beyond normal politics. We are in a very dangerous moment. While President Trump is a very strong leader and a man of strong constitution, and he was able to survive all of this during the campaign and get elected president, I hope to God he is strong enough to withstand the monolithic opposition, a federal bureaucracy that is completely out to undermine him every day, and the intelligence community that is engaged in this as well.
If Trump succeeds, the country changes for the good, and the globalists do not want that to happen.
Please pray continually for our President, his administration, and our country.


republished below in full unedited for informational, educational, and research purposes:
        NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
As this week's spy drama continues to unfold, a former military intelligence officer and police detective told that last year President Barack Obama's Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, signed off on -- and expedited -- two FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) Court requests to wiretap the Trump campaign.
Former homicide detective Barry Thomas Neallon, a retired intelligence operative with the U.S. Marines (*Force Recon), claims, "If Attorney General Lynch was processing applications for electronic eavesdropping warrants, then both her boss, Barack Obama, and her FBI chief, James Comey, had to know about the spying and the justification to invade the privacy of a presidential candidate from the opposition party."
Besides Neallon's statement to, ABC News reported on Thursday that all of the applications to the FISA Court were authorized by Lynch.
"[Which] means that she chose not to investigate the Clinton Foundation for illegal activities but rather signed an application to wiretap President Trump,” stated Jim Hoft, the editor-in-chief for the Gateway Pundit website.
Just about every news story on the subject of the Trump wiretaps mentions that the FISA Court turned down the first request to wiretap Trump even though it was requested by Lynch herself. The fact the FISA judge nixed the warrant is evidence that the Justice Department did not even come close to satisfying the usually minimal standards for obtaining such warrants.
Out of close to 11,000 warrant applications during the Obama administration only two were rejected by the FISA Court. "It's almost like getting an indictment from a grand jury. A decent prosecutor could get a ham sandwich indicted. Likewise, judges aren't tough on warrants unless they believe the requester is on a 'fishing expedition' or the request is totally without merit," said former police officer and corporate security director Iris Aquino.
When on Saturday morning President Trump’s tweeted that President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower in October 2016, the usual cabal of Democrats and news media outlets began their routine of casting doubts on Trump's accusation. "It was as if they were saying 'how dare you make outrageous allegations against Saint Barack,'" Aquino noted in a tongue-in-cheek quip.
Meanwhile, Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser for Obama, told the news media over and over again that presidents can't order a wiretap. He also cast doubts on the honesty of the new president.
Lynch made statements this week on a video and she's heard encouraging protests and marches, blood in the streets and even death in order to stop and topple the Trump administration.
 During the last presidential election cycle, a man named Julian Assange single-handedly alerted a large number of American voters about the secretive, devious and hypocritical goings-on at the Democratic National Committee headquarters and their connections to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign and members of the so-called mainstream news media. The damage done to the Democratic Party as a result of the leaked information may never be fully gauged.

Instead of looking at cyber security considerations at the DNC — a political party that’s not part of the U.S. government — Democrats in both houses of Congress prefer to make wildly absurd accusations about President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and anyone else they can drudge up in order to portray themselves as victims. Also, instead of asking the appropriate committees in the House and Senate to probe the nation’s vulnerability to foreign espionage — especially cyber espionage — the Democrats wish to create an ad hoc or select committee to investigate the alleged cyber crimes perpetrated against their opposition.
*Force Recon is one of the United States Marine Corps' special operations capable forces (SOC) that provide essential elements of military intelligence to the command element of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF), by supporting their task force commanders.